Natural Vaccine for Coronavirus - Fight Corona with Ancient Super Power Technique

Breath Hold & Prana Flow Yoga is a highly effective technique of yoga. This form of yoga is not the physical yoga but the ancient form of Yoga done by our ancient Rishi's and Sages. You might be thinking how they used to survive 1000s of years without any physical or mental illness and diseases. That kind of survival was not only dependent on a single factor but many more. Today we are going to discuss about one of the most important health factor of Rishi's that kept them healthy inside without any lung, brain or immune deficient problems.   

This yoga can also be said as a Natural Vaccine for Coronavirus. By this ancient method of yoga our sages & rishis  never takes any vaccination or medicines and stayed healthy and highly immunized and remain healthy all over their life & remain safe from all the more dangerous  diseases than coronavirus. 

Breath Hold and Prana Flow Yoga technique is the best form of yoga for coronavirus and is the best method of immune boosting rather than  all other yoga techniques

How it is best than other yoga techniques

  • It fulfills complete physical emotional & mental health.  
  • Supplies & fulfills the lungs, heart, liver, kidney, brain with lots of supply of oxygen & detoxify them completely from free radicles and waste products that is the main cause of coronavirus infection & boosts the immune system maximum so that it can fight every infection like coronavirus.
  • It reduces the symptoms of coronavirus - shortness of breath, headache, body pain, dizziness 
  • It relaxes and meditate your mind & make you totally stress free to fight with coronavirus.
  • It aids in secretion of digestive foods and promote your digestion so that youy can provide the best digestion nutrients, vitamins & minerals that helps in fighting & avoiding entry of coronavirus by boostening your immune system maximum. 
  • Ancient & Traditional form of yoga originated by our Rishi's
  • That kept them free from diseases and Mentally, Physically, & Emotionally fit till 1000's of year without any type of medicines & treatments.
  • This form of yoga boosts your immunity 100X more
  • Best for energizing our system & keeps lungs healthy.
  • Best in removing all minor to major diseases from its root cause.
  • Removes free radicals, oxidants, poisnous waste product which is the main cause of diseases

What is Breath Hold & Prana Flow Yoga

This is the most ancient & traditional form of yoga that our sages & rishi's after 1000's years of research and studying all the vedas and purans and ayurvedic literatures made for human being so that for their whole life so that their immune system work at its highest capacity & make them free from coronavirus and small to high severity so that they can remiain free and live long for their whole life. 

How you can do Breath Hold & Prana Flow Yoga :

  • All asans are done with maximum hold of the breath with your comfort zone .
  • All asans are done with maximum hold of inhale and exhale position with asans.
  • Good control of the breath (It's speed, smoothless, depthness) so that each & every cells and organ of the body can get maximum supply of oxygen and with this oxygen you can fight and kill every infection like coronavirus.
  • There is a well coordination between speed of inhale - expansion of the chest and going to asan.
  • Full concerntration on the active inhalation and passive exhalation with pathway of the breathing so that you can meditate in every asan.
  • Include the 9 drishtis in the asans so that during yoga asans you can do meditation also.
  • All Pranayam has to be done in ratio 1:1:1:1 ---> Inhalation (Purak) : Inhale Hold (Internal Kumbhak) : Exhale (Rechak) : Exhale Hold (External Kumbhak)   
          Done with proper bandh in every asan
  1. Abdominal Lock
  2. Throat Lock
  3. Anal Lock
  • With good incooperation of various mudras so that to balance all five element of body because according to ayurveda all disease in human body is due to unbalance of this Tatva. 
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